Directorate General of Trade Organisations is working as an attached department of Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan. It was established in 2007 after promulgation of Trade Organisations Ordinance, 2007, as a regulatory body to implement provisions of the aforesaid Ordinance. The Trade Organisations Ordinance, 2007 is enacted in the shape of Trade Organizations Act, 2013 on 22nd. February, 2013. The core function of this Directorate is to process the applications for grant of licenses and registration of trade bodies under the Act. It also oversees the elections and results of Office Bearers and Executive Committee members of trade bodies and ensures that Trade Organizations Act and Rules made thereunder are being followed in letter and spirit by the trade organizations. The Directorate General of Trade Organizations is located at State Life Building No 7 (2nd Floor), Blue Area, China Chowk , Islamabad.

Human resource of the office at executive level is drawn mainly from amongst the core of Commerce and Trade Group officers who possess ample experience of working with the business community as a part of their job placement.

The office is sufficiently equipped with the modern tools of communications like internet, fax and telephones. It is ready to accept all challenge for which it has been created.


  • Licensing and regulating trade organizations strictly in accordance with the laid down criteria to block the emergence of fake trade organizations, which might defeat the purpose of the law.
  • To build capacity of trade organizations and to make them truly Business Support Organizations (BSOs) within the defined parameters of the law.
  • To review performance of trade organizations on regular basis to ensure that their resources are being utilized in accordance with the approved aims and objects.
  • To ensure effective representations of all genders and business sectors at all levels in trade organizations by effectively monitoring the election process.
  • To strengthen the dispute resolution mechanism in order to resolve disputes within trade organizations.
  • To liaison with SECP, FPCCIs and other trade organizations to make them vibrant for the healthy trade activities in Trade.
  • To build capacity of the Human Resource of the office to effectively perform their duties.